Holy cow I caught man flu!

WTF !! how does this happen???? We are women, we are not meant to succumb to the illness like men!!! My stars . My head hurts, my throat hurts, my little toe on my right foot hurts!!!!! How has this happened to me????????????????????????????? Oh wait , I know, It’s school holidays AKA time to germ up mummy’s house! Well my darling cherubs let me say with all the love in my heart YOU SUCK!!! but because I love you so much I will chew down the Codral and “soldier on ” I will how ever complain the whole freaking time because I can!

parental lesson of the week; How to teach children independence.

Step one ; catch Man Flu

Step 2; go to bed and die loudly

Step 3; you don’t need to worry about step 3 until you recover because the 10 year old has the cereal making down to a fine art and you can clean up the mess in 4 or 5 days….assuming mice don’t move in first and do it for you!


The roller coaster that is moving house. #thissucks

So here goes, I’m about to plunge head first into the world of blogging, and something tells me I’m gong to be amazing at it. Orrrrr it’s the other voice in my head aka Katie, but either way, let’s give this a crack.

Once upon a time there were two mummies who discovered they had way more in common than they realised, particularly their ability to make gorgeous offspring, at times a fairly sarcastic response to just about anything and an amazing ability to apply songs as a backing track to life!

I (Rhia) make up half of this formidable duo, and through the happy coincidence of our cherubs attending the same school, we have grown to be great friends, conveniently just as we both decide to move! I have 4 princesses & a man child (dont tell him, hes actually pretty good) & we have recently made the decision to get back to the important things in life; sharing dinner around the table during the week, increasing the family time together and letting our kids enjoy playing outside as much as possible, which brought us to purchasing a new house and moving us all across the city!

As much as we’re excited about the move, because there are way more positives, the whole experience is also a big roller coaster of emotion! Stress! Tears! Happiness! excitement! Nerves! Trying to act all positive to alleviate any fears the kids might have while quietly packing my daks in the meantime is not an easy feat.  I do know however that all of the tough decisions in our lives have been the best ones, so I’m trusting my gut and preparing to take this next big step for our family.

We were so fortunate to belong to such an amazing community of people we were privileged to know through school, the love and support shown to us made me think several times about whether we reeeeeally wanted to go. We loved the sense of family and will miss it terribly, but we are so grateful we even had the experience and can leave with the fondest of memories and friends for years to come.

In the words of Bob Dylan, oh the times they are a changing, & indeed they are, but for us, things are changing for the better

R x

We are so funny in our imaginary blog world…….

So I make this grand decision! Let’s leave the state I decide! We tell the world, I make a plan to make Rhia my new P&F prodigy and then she *finally* breaks it to me “We are moving too” WTF! Who does that???? Who acts so awesome then moves? I had plans for her…..none of them included writing a blog together from across different sides of Australia but plans none the less. So we shed a tear or two as we have a moment and realise just how awesome we are together and that the world will never know our full potential. We make a joke or 6 and decide that Bob Dylan’s ”  The times they are a changing ” is our new theme song as we both go forth and make plans for our little familes ( We use the word little loosly, we both have 4 kids!) We make a whole bunch of blog references on Facebook and joke about how the world really does need our parenting advice! Lets face it, 8 kids and we haven’t killed one of them yet.

So track forward a  few more days as I stand in the shower doing my best thinking . All my best ideas happen in there! I think what the heck! I should totally do this blog and I should totally tell Rhia she is doing it with me… I figure just tell her as it is and she can’t back out! so the conversation goes a little like this :

 Katie ;Ok I’ve been giving this a shit loaf of thought …. We should seriously blog!!! I’m gonna research it more and I’m gonna convince you this is a genius cross country idea !
Loaf !! Wtf you will totally be in charge of spell check

Official spell checker, that has always been my destiny! Seriously, check it out lady! Even if it’s only us reading one another’s crap, we will at least be amused!
Katie ;Omg so freakin excited !!!!!

Cross country blogging, now there’s a sport I can get into
Katie ;Omg !! That’s what we shall call it
*insert thumbs up here because cut and paste wouldn’t let me *  ( yes this blog will require you to use your own imagination from time to time)

She gave me a thumbs up and here we are!!!!!Destiny I tell you DESTINY
So a little bit about me! I have 4 angels 1 girl and 3 boys We shall refer to them as Charlie , Fred ,Boris and Bob!  How they got those names is a blog for another day ! I know you, I know are already waiting in anticipation. I am a SAHM who really does not want to go back to the real world it’s so big and scary out there. The rest you will discover as time goes on!
Now to get Rhia to blog for you ….. Watch this space
Katie XXX